360-degree feedback for holistic growth

Carry out performance reviews with our 360-degree Feedback feature.

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What is 360-degree feedback?

Experience a transformative HR practice with Numla's 360-degree feedback feature. This robust review procedure gathers input from all angles, including supervisors, colleagues, subordinates, and even clients.

It provides a well-rounded view of your team's strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth, fostering self-awareness, and personal development, and enhancing your organisation's performance.

How does it work with Numla HR?  

Design questionnaires

Design customised questionnaires and distribute them to relevant stakeholders.

Collect insights

Gather insights on leadership, communication, teamwork, and more.

Empower development

Provide personalised feedback to the employees for professional growth.

Get to know the key features 

Efficiently manage your 360-degree feedback with our useful features.

Build Custom Surveys 

Numla HR allows you to create custom surveys with options such as:

Tracking survey status

Adding various question types

Assigning scores to each response

Setting time limits and deadlines

Previewing the survey before sharing

Select participants

Select Participants & Invite Peers 

Create a batch of employees

Select evaluators

Opt for self-evaluation

Configure Feedback Requirements 

Set a minimum number of responses to mark the feedback completion. Assign new goals to your employees. Set pre-defined invitation email templates for employees and managers.

Configure feedback requirements
Manage survey responses

Manage Responses 

Collect anonymous feedback, track feedback status, and calculate overall performance percentage based on received scores.

Monitor the status of the feedback as "Not Started," "In-progress," or "Completed."

View Reports 

Visualise survey responses as line charts, bar charts, or Excel reports. Share feedback with senior management as well as the employee, with suggestions for the employee's development in their role.

View survey reports

What hidden advantages are you missing? 

Empower your team's development and cultivate success with 360-degree feedback.

Create self-awareness

Let your employees gain deep insights into their strengths and areas for improvement.

Facilitate personal growth

Foster employee development through feedback. Help your employees create personalised development goals.

Gather anonymous feedback

Gather honest, unbiased input from coworkers, managers, and others by ensuring anonymity.

Ensure unbiased evaluations

Eliminate personal bias for more accurate assessments by gathering feedback from multiple sources.​

Improve organisational culture

Promote open communication and a culture of trust and openness within your organisation.

Support performance management

Inform HR decisions regarding performance appraisals with insightful information.​

Maximise your employees' potential by implementing effective feedback! ​​