Efficiently process employee expense reimbursements

Reduce the time and effort spent on employee expense reimbursement using Numla HR.

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Expense Reimbursements made easier for your HR team

Get a comprehensive application for managing employee expenses. It allows you to easily track daily expenses and generate expense reports, making it simple to manage employee expenses. In our app, you can configure all different expense types with their approval rules, required documents, and claim limits. You have the option to pay them either through the payroll or in separate expense cycles.

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Discover the key capabilities of our platform and how it can improve your expense reimbursement process

View all your expenses

View all your expenses in a dashboard of ‘My Expenses to Report’. See the list of all expenses to report to the manager of your company to get them approved and paid. Additionally, you can see:

 Total expense amount to report

 The amount under validation process

 The amount that is to be reimbursed

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Create a new expense

Employees can create new expenses and submit for approval. They can also upload scanned bills or receipts using the scan option. When you create a new expense, the system asks you to:

  Write a description of the expense

  Select an expense product

  Enter expense amount

View expense reports

Managers can use the Expense Reports option to view all the reports about employee expenses. They can choose from different options such as Reports to Approve, Reports to Post, Reports to Pay, and All Reports to sort reports as they need. The manager can easily analyse each of these reports and take action accordingly.

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View expenses analysis

Generate reports on expense management in your company and view them in Kanban, List, Pivot, or Graphical views. Customise the reports using Measures, Filters, and Group By options.

Configure expense types

Set up different types of expenses as Expense Products. Access Expense Products from the configuration menu. You can easily create a new expense type by entering details like cost, unit of measure, vendor taxes, customer taxes, etc.

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Discover the Key Benefits

Expense management made easier

Save time

Do everything within the app. Easily manage employee expenses with a dashboard. View, approve, or refuse expense claims for travel, office supplies, and more, all in one place.

Don't lose a receipt again

Employees can easily attach scanned receipts to an expense record or send them via mobile device to maintain a complete record of all expenses.

Oversee your team's expenditure 

Managers can easily monitor expense records for the entire team to control costs and ensure they stay within budget.

Involve everyone to divide the workload


Employees get the option to draft expenses, add notes, upload receipts to the expense record, and submit for approval.


Managers get the option approve or refuse expenses with just a click, provide comments, edit expense records, or request additional information.


The app allows accountants to record company and employee expenses, enter them into the financial records, and handle the payment and invoicing process.

See how our application can save you time by simplifying your expense payment process

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