GDPR Compliance & Organisation Setup Awareness

Ensure your employees are aware of your organisation's structure with our user-friendly app.

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Ensure data security and visualise your organisation

Configure the company details, departments, hierarchy, and employee roles in this app. This also acts as a directory for your employees. All these details act as a master file for defining security rules and​ GDPR policies.

Define authority matrix

Define who can approve a change, subject to cost limits, or areas of responsibility.

Provide an organisational directory

Provide an organisational directory to all your team members.

Remain compliant with GDPR

Stay compliant with GDPR and other regulatory bodies.

Discover how it works

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View organisation structure

Get a clear picture of your company's structure with an organisational chart available in the app - explore, understand, and navigate the organisation with ease.

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Discover who works where

Real-time hierarchical view

Discover the who's who and who works where in your company with our app - get a clear hierarchical view of your company's structure, and easily view team members and their positions within different departments. The hierarchy automatically updates when someone joins or leaves the company.

View employee information

Stay connected with your team and have all employee information at your fingertips - view each employee's general information such as work location, phone, and email, easily accessible with just a click. You can also contact an employee for internal discussion right from the app.

View employee information

Know who is your manager

Know your manager

Ensure continuity of operations - allow employees to view delegated managers when their actual manager is on leave so that they can continue to receive guidance and support for their tasks and projects.

Give your employees a clear view of the company hierarchy ​​