Gain valuable insights with an HR survey

Gather feedback from your employees to better understand their needs. Make informed decisions and improve your workplace.

Gather your team's feedback with our HR Survey Software

Improve your organisation based on employee feedback and suggestions. Organisations that look for the well-being of their employees always keep on growing, but you need a tool to know your employees better and plan things accordingly. All these things are already provided in our solution.

Get to know the features

Discover the features our HR survey application offers to help you get the insights you need. 

HR Surveys Dashboard

The main dashboard displays all created surveys in a Kanban view, with each survey shown separately along with its name, number of answers, and success rate. You can also switch to List or Activity views. You can edit, share or delete a survey right from the dashboard.

Screenshot of HR Surveys Dashboard
Screenshot of create a new survey window

Create a new survey

Set up a new survey by adding a title, responsible employee, and image for the survey. Add questions and specify the question type. The answer format will change based on the question type. Add instructions and various options in the Description and Options tabs.

Share surveys with employees

You can first test the survey you created and share it with your employees using the Share button by adding Recipients, Additional Emails, attachments, and an Answer Deadline. After sending invitation emails, you can track responses and see the results.

Screenshot of share surveys option
Screenshot of participations tab

View survey participation

You can view a summary of each survey, in the participation tab, including the survey's name and participant details such as the creation date, deadline, partner, respondent's email, number of attempts, status, and score.

Discover the key benefits

Gathering feedback made easy

Quickly share surveys

Share surveys with just a few clicks. Collect data and make informed decisions.

Analyse answers

No manual synchronisation is needed. Our app automatically synchronises your results with the database and displays real-time results.

Immediately benefit from the results

Utilise the results of your surveys and make data-driven decisions to improve your organisation.

Transform the way you conduct surveys ​​