Ensure a swift employee onboarding experience

An employee onboarding app, designed to empower large organisations with a smooth onboarding process.

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An employee onboarding platform for a seamless experience

A new starter’s impression of your company begins before their start date, and it’s even more important in a candidate-driven market. Assist newcomers to easily take over new roles while fulfilling all regal and organisational compliance requirements. Generate staff IDs, issue badge IDs, send welcome emails, and much more.

Give New Hires a Warm Welcome

Introduce new starters to your company, culture, and team before their start date.

Save Time and Reduce Admin

Automate your onboarding tasks and workflows to reduce manual admin.

Automate HR tasks and workflows

Eliminate manual checklists and data duplication by automating processes for each team, location, or employment type.

Auto-assign new starters' eLearning

Automatically set learning for new hires and ensure compliance, setting them up for success from day one.

Share contracts and get them signed

Send electronic contracts to the new joiners and leverage the speedy signing with our eSignature feature.

Analyse your performance

Get high-level visibility of your onboarding and admin processes. Easily deep dive into individual progress.


Look at the core features

Discover what you can do with Numla employee onboarding application

View successful candidates

View all the information about your onboarding process:

The candidates who passed the initial qualification stage

The candidates who completed the interview stage

The successful candidates

The contracts you have sent to new hires

The contracts new hires have signed

Screenshot of onboarding stages

Generate contracts

Once a new hire is set to join, you can generate the employment contract and get it signed using our eSignature facility.

Screenshot of generate contract option

Go paperless

Bother no more about using paper for documents and contracts. Go for a paperless environment. Get the benefits of going paperless.

Save costs

Cut the cost spent on paper usage, printing, scanning, and posting documents.

Improve your bottom line

When you cut costs and reduce manual operations, ultimately your bottom line improves.

Go green

Move in the right direction towards becoming an environment-friendly enterprise.

Send welcome letters and issue badge IDs 

Your new team members deserve a warm welcome. Give an enthusiastic welcome to the new joiners on your team. Send welcome emails to them and make their first day on the job exciting. Issue badge IDs to them before their first day easily through the app.

Screenshort of onboarding plan
View employee information
Employee Badge ID

Manage system access

Assign new hires to their departments or a team. Grant them the necessary access to the system to get them started with the job.

Screenshot of the app's capability to manage user access
Screenshot of Numla eLearning Portal

Train new joiners

Prepare effective new-hire training plans to ensure they possess the required skills and expertise to do their jobs efficiently.

Set new hires up for success from day one ​​