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Get a departmental intranet to share HR updates and alerts

Centralise all your HR updates, alerts, and company news in one dashboard. Keep your employees informed and connected, and streamline the process of sharing important documents with various work groups. Streamline HR communication and stay organised with our platform.

View inbox, starred messages and history 

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View new messages

View all new messages on a dashboard. Access Inbox, Starred messages, and chat history right from the dashboard. You can instantly start a meeting and invite your team members to join.

View messages in your inbox

Create and join channels

Easily join or leave channels. Create a new channel, click the create button, and enter a name, image, and description for the channel. Choose who can follow the group's activities, and add authorised groups and departments to automatically subscribe members as followers.

Read messages easily

Stay informed and up-to-date on messages even while using other apps within the system. Our platform allows you to view and receive notifications for new messages in the conversations icon, eliminating the need to constantly switch back and forth between apps.

Read messages directly in the conversations menu
Start one to one conversations with coworkers

Start one-to-one conversations

With our platform, you can easily start direct messages with other employees or start private discussion groups to collaborate and communicate with a specific team.

Create internal discussion groups

Create discussion groups to better organise and facilitate communication among employees working on specific projects. These groups provide a centralised location for discussing project-specific topics and make it easy to add or remove members as needed.

Create internal discussion groups
Manage mailing list

Manage mailing lists

Easily manage internal company emails and keep employees informed about updates. Create groups and mailing lists to easily share news and notifications to specific departments or employees. Eliminate the hassle of manually managing your mailbox.

Create public groups

Share important news or promote new products to your large audience. Create public groups and mailing lists to manage community mailings and newsletters, and allow visitors to easily sign up to receive updates with their email addresses and reach a wider audience with ease.

Create public mailing list

What's more?

Access news feed

Stay up-to-date on the latest discussions within your company and easily keep track of the conversations you are following.

Check activity status

Quickly see if your colleagues are online, offline, away, or out of the office, so that you can better coordinate and collaborate with them.

Star messages

Keep track of important messages and easily find them later by starring them. Simply use the star icon to add them to your Starred list.

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