See Numla HR in Action

See our HR system in action with these demo videos. Explore the features and capabilities of Numla HR and learn how it can streamline your HR processes. Watch the videos and see why Numla HR is the right choice for your business.


Organisation Structure

Discover how Numla HR makes creating a seamless and efficient company organisational structure a breeze. This video introduces the user-friendly system, features, and benefits of Numla HR, offering a hassle-free way to configure and manage your organisation's hierarchy for a smooth and efficient workflow. 

Performance Management

Optimise employee performance with Numla HR's Performance Management App. Streamline goal-setting, progress tracking, and feedback processes. Empower employees to focus on objectives, provide comments, and electronically sign off on reports.


Talent Acquisition

Streamline your hiring process with Numla HR - Talent Acquisition App. This video showcases the features of our cutting-edge solution designed to make hiring simple, efficient, and effective. From posting job listings to tracking candidates, our app streamlines every step of the hiring process. 

Contracts Management

Discover how Numla HR transforms contract management, streamlining the process and reducing manual work for your HR team. This video showcases preconfigured contract templates, guided e-signature processes, and immediate notifications, ensuring efficient and compliant contract management.



Experience easy document signing with Numla HR's Signature Module! Streamline your document management process with easy electronic signatures, drag-and-drop editing, and instant notifications. Watch this video to learn how Numla HR simplifies document signing and approval.

Employee Onboarding

Numla HR simplifies and streamlines employee onboarding with customised plans for different roles. Assign responsibilities, track tasks, and maintain transparency throughout the onboarding process.


Mandatory Training

Empower your employees with our eLearning Solution by Numla HR! In this video, you will learn the features of our comprehensive platform designed to deliver effective, engaging, and personalised training to your employees.

Probation Management

Watch how Numla HR simplifies probation management for companies, streamlining the process with automated policy implementation, streamlined decision-making, electronic signatures, and comprehensive tracking, making HR management more efficient.


Performance Appraisals

Numla HR simplifies performance appraisals with its Performance Appraisal app. Easily track appraisal progress, collect feedback from various sources, monitor skills and qualifications, and access comprehensive records for efficient HR management.

Surveys App

An introduction to Numla HR's Survey App. Customise surveys for employee feedback, department insights, e-learning quizzes, and recruitment enhancement. Tailor questions, set time limits, and capture real-time feedback easily.


360-Degree Feedback

This video illustrates the standard procedure for initiating a 360-degree feedback process using Numla HR.

HR Helpdesk

Numla HR simplifies employee query resolution with its efficient Helpdesk app. Customise helpdesk teams, automate query handling and provide a user-friendly interface for centralized query management across departments, branches, and employees.


Employee Self Service

Discover the power of Numla HR - employee self-service with our suite of mobile apps! In this video, you'll get a brief overview of what our HR apps can do for your employees.


Explore the customisable dashboards within Numla HR. Design dynamic executive and employee self-service dashboards, visualize data in various formats, and gain insights into HR tasks, talent acquisition, time-off, expenses, and more.


Time and Attendance

In this video, we showcase the features of our Time and Attendance module designed to simplify and automate time and attendance tracking.

Attendance Management Module

A smart and reliable solution to simplify your attendance tracking process!

Easily check in and check out, configure employee PIN, and even use the app in Kiosk mode. And that's not all - our Attendance App also generates detailed attendance reports, giving you a comprehensive overview of your employee attendance.


Timesheets Mobile App

Say goodbye to manual time tracking and hello to efficiency with our Timesheets Mobile App! In this video, we'll show you how easy it is for employees to enter their time using our app. 

Time Off Module

Discover Numla HR's solution for leave and absence management. Our HRMS empowers organisations to simplify leave policies, automate carryovers, extend sick leave seamlessly, and sync with payroll easily.


Time Off Mobile App

Streamline your leave management process with our Time Off Mobile App! This video demonstrates how employees can easily apply for different types of leaves, and how managers can quickly approve or decline requests from team members.

Expense Reimbursements

Simplify your expense management with Numla HR - Expense Reimbursements App! In this video, we'll showcase the features of our innovative solution designed to make your expense management easy.


Payroll Module

Numla HR Payroll streamlines your payroll process. From managing new joiners to seamless contract changes, farewell settlements, and personalised payroll setups, we've got you covered. Our system integrates easily with Revenue (Ireland) and HMRC (UK), ensuring compliance and accuracy. Deliver payslips directly to employees, and gain data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Pension Configurator

Numla HR's Pension Configurator is your key to mastering public sector pensions. Say goodbye to manual errors and stay compliant with evolving regulations. Watch our video to discover how Numla HR streamlines pension planning, automates calculations and ensures precision in contributions and benefits.