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Are your HR processes holding you back?

It's time to address the issue head-on and find a better solution. The truth is, outdated and manual HR practices can drain your time, resources, and potential for growth.

Imagine a scenario where your HR operations are streamlined, efficient, and hassle-free. No more tedious data entry, paperwork, or compliance headaches. With a modern HR management system, you can reclaim your valuable time and focus on what truly matters - your people and strategic initiatives.

Discover a new way forward for your HR department. Request a demo today to experience the streamlined HR operations firsthand.

Leave the old HR ways behind - Get an HRMS

Streamlined and Efficient Processes

Managing data is easy with an HRMS. Automated workflows, centralized data management, and seamless integrations eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets and manual entries. This boosts productivity, reduces errors, and allows you to focus on strategic initiatives rather than administrative tasks.

Enhanced Compliance and Accurate Data

An HRMS ensures your organisation stays compliant with the latest regulations. Automated compliance checks, accurate data tracking, and real-time reporting minimize the risk of costly penalties and legal issues. With reliable data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions with confidence.

Numla HR has all that you need

Integrated HR & Payroll

From organising and securing your data to managing time and attendance, Numla HR ensures that your HR processes are efficient and compliant. Simplify expense reimbursements, time-off, benefits, and payroll processing for a positive experience that empowers your HR team and delights your employees.

Explore the apps:

Org Setup and Security/GDPR
Contracts and eSign
Time and Attendance
Expense Reimbursements
Time-Off and Holidays
Benefits and Deductions
Payroll and Taxation

Timesheets app screenshot
Recruitment app screenshot

Talent Management

Numla HR helps you hire the best talent with its applicant tracking system, expedites employee onboarding, fosters continuous learning with eLearning, and enables easy performance management. When it's time for employee offboarding, NumlaHR ensures a smooth process.

Explore the apps:

Talent Requests 
Talent Acquisition 
Employee Onboarding 
Probation Management 
Performance Appraisal 
Employee Offboarding 

Insightful Analytics

Gain strategic insights through dashboards and data analytics for data-driven decisions. Numla HR helps you optimise your workforce scheduling to maximise productivity and adapt to changing needs.

Explore the apps:

Dashboard and Data Analytics
Departmental Intranet
Workforce Scheduling

Screenshot of dashboard app
Surveys app screenshot

Employee Experience

Put your employees at the center of HR. Numla HR enables self-service capabilities for easy profile management, attendance, leave requests, and more. Swiftly resolve queries with HR helpdesk, and gather feedback with HR surveys.

Explore the apps:

Employee Self-Service 
HR Care Helpdesk 
HR Surveys 

Traditional HR Software vs. Numla HR

Traditional HR Software

  • Legacy Systems
    Outdated, inflexible HR solutions, unable to adapt to dynamic HR needs.
  • Complex Interfaces
    Complicated interfaces hinder user adoption.
  • Limited Customisation
    The one-size-fits-all approach restricts tailoring to unique needs.
  • Lack of Integration
    Inefficient data flow between HR systems leads to siloed information and manual efforts.
  • Slow Support
    Inadequate customer support delays issue resolution and system optimisation.

Numla HR

  • Dynamic Adaptability
    A modern and agile HR system designed to adapt to evolving HR needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface
    Intuitive interface that promotes easy user adoption.
  • Tailored to Your Needs  
    Customisable to cater to your unique HR requirements and processes.
  • Integration-ready
    Streamlined data flow and integration capabilities to eliminate manual efforts and information silos.
  • Responsive Customer Support
    Backed by a dedicated customer support team ensures timely issue resolution and system optimisation.


Numla HR empowers employee fulfilment by offering advanced self-service options, continuous learning tools, and streamlined HR processes. These features enable employees to take control of their HR-related needs, fostering a sense of empowerment and fulfilment.

Numla HR plays a crucial role in enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction. Our solution offers features such as employee engagement tools, real-time performance tracking, and recognition programs, all of which contribute to a more positive and fulfilling work experience.

Our clients have reported that Numla HR indirectly contributes to delighted customers by ensuring that employees are fulfilled and engaged. When employees are satisfied, they provide better customer service, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and ultimately, delighted customers.

Certainly, our clients have shared success stories where Numla HR contributed to improved customer experiences. For instance, one of our clients saw a 15% increase in customer satisfaction scores, attributing it to their employees' enhanced engagement and fulfilment through Numla HR.

Numla HR aligns HR processes with a customer-centric approach by promoting employee fulfilment and engagement, as reported by our clients. When employees are happy and engaged, they are more likely to provide exceptional customer service, driving a customer-centric culture within the organisation.

Numla HR is highly customisable to meet your organisation's specific approach to employee and customer satisfaction, as our clients have experienced. We work closely with you to tailor the solution to fit seamlessly with your unique requirements and objectives.

Data security and compliance are paramount with Numla HR, and our clients have expressed confidence in our measures. Our solution includes robust security measures and ensures compliance with data protection regulations. This instils confidence in both employees and customers regarding data privacy.

Yes, Numla HR provides real-time analytics that allows you to measure the impact of employee fulfilment on customer satisfaction, as reported by our clients. This data-driven insight helps in understanding the correlation between employee happiness and customer delight.

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Why leading brands trust Numla HR

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Numla’s team works to truly understand your requirements, document them clearly, and suggest how the system can be configured or improved to meet your needs. In countless cases, Numla’s team has suggested improvements to our processes and digitalised complicated and entirely manual processes.

Joe Hall, Organization Effectiveness Manager, eir

Joe Hall
Organisation Effectiveness Manager

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Uncover the secret to eir's HR transformation.

Discover how Numla helped eir, Ireland's leading telecom provider, digitally transform their HR in just 5 months.

Embrace an award-winning HRMS  

Numla's partnership with eir Ireland wins Excellence in HR Consulting/Strategic Partnerships award from CIPD.

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Numla has been recognised among the Top 20 Innovative HR Solution Providers of the year 2022 by Enterprise Viewpoint.

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