Numla LMS: The comprehensive solution for employee training

A cloud-based, easy-to-use, and SCORM-compliant platform, which we tailor specifically to your organisation's requirements.

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Enhance your employee skills with our eLearning solution

Support your employees' learning and lead them through professional growth by providing them with a powerful eLearning platform. Whether it is yearly mandatory training or field courses for your employees, Numla LMS lets you manage everything with intelligent features and reporting.

Add Courses

Proactively assess your team's training needs and easily create courses for them as required.

Engage Learners

Provide an engaging learning experience to the participants with quizzes, feedback, and reviews.

Track Key Metrics

Set key learning metrics and measure the effectiveness of your eLearning programs against them.

What you can do with our eLearning solution?

Learn how our platform makes it simple for large organisations like yours to deliver training.

Create and launch training programs

Plan training programs efficiently

Conquer your team’s training goals

Achieve the desired results

Set course prerequisites

Add declarations at each stage.

Launch training programs using Numla eLearning solution
View course details on Numla eLearning platform

Show assigned courses and progress

We encourage the learners' engagement with the platform. On Numla LMS employees can:

Check assigned courses

Track their progress

Meet deadlines

Download completion certificates

Get rewards

Employees can check assigned courses on our eLearning software
Screenshot of Numla eLearning Portal for corporate training

Grade the participants creatively

Numla eLearning makes training more interesting. It rewards the learners with points and badges. The participants earn different ranks as they level up their learning game.

Play SCORM content

Our platform is SCORM-compliant, so you can easily upload your e-courses in SCORM format and they will work perfectly within our system, allowing learners to access the content.

Animated GIF of SCORM Content playing on Numla eLearning app

Monitor SCORM progress

Our strong BI reporting feature allows managers to monitor the progress of each SCORM element like video, audio, quiz, slides, and interactions.

Reporting feature of Numla eLearning app

Advanced Reporting

Get in-depth reports on the performance of your courses, content, reviews, forums, and certifications.

Representation with Graphs

See reports as graphs such as bar charts, line charts, pie charts, or stacked, which are easy to understand.

Filters and Groups

Apply predefined or custom filters and see only the relevant data.

Key benefits of Numla LMS

Content management

Keep Content Organised

Our platform makes content management easy for you. It keeps courses organised to make it easier for your students to find what they need.

Embed Videos

Add video content for free, by uploading it to your Google Drive folder or YouTube and then embedding it.

Use Multiple Content Types

Besides videos, you can upload PDF presentations, infographics, web pages, quizzes, certifications, and external links to additional resources, in your courses.

Easy evaluation and certification 

Design Questions

Create tests with different question types, such as text boxes, numerical, multiple choice questions, and matrices.

Create Question Pool

Enable randomised selection of questions for each learner, to avoid answer sharing.

Set Time and Attempt Limits

Define time limits for tests and set allowed attempts for each test.

Instant Results

Students can see their answers and compare them with the right ones as soon as they complete and submit a test.


Certify the learners who pass their tests. When you certify, students receive their certificates by email.

Community engagement 

Create Forums

Start forums related to courses where learners can talk and assist each other.


Feature profiles of top performers on the home page and promote competition among the co-learners.

Get Feedback

Let the course participants rate courses and give comments. Reply to their feedback and understand what they think of the content.

Transform the way you deliver training ​​