Empower your team with employee self-service mobile apps

Easily update your timesheets, request time off, submit expenses, and do other functions all from your phone.

Employee Self Service Apps

Enhance employee experience with self-service mobile apps

HR mobile apps for employees improve their employee experience by giving them the ability to view work contracts, apply for employee schemes, and submit expenses all in one place, with just a few taps on their phones. Our Self-Service Mobile Apps make HR workflows easily accessible for your employees.


Explore the list of apps we offer

My Profile app icon

My Profile

Easily view your employee profile whenever you need it and stay informed with the information such as contact details, your job position, etc. right on your mobile device.

My Dashboard app icon

My Dashboard

Get a single-screen view of all important HR-related information, such as your time off requests, timesheets, expenses, and more.

My Alerts app icon

My Alerts

Keep track of all important alerts and notifications, right on your phone. Never miss an important update again!

My Timesheets app icon

My Timesheets

Easily track and submit your ordinary hours and overtime hours using your mobile. You can easily log your work hours and submit them for the manager's approval. This app is also integrated with payroll.

My Time Off app icon

My Time Off

Easily manage your time off. Request time off and submit it for the manager's approval. View your annual leave entitlement, track carry-forward days, and monitor leaves already taken.

My Expenses app icon

My Expenses

Simply submit, track, and manage your expense claims on the go. View the status of your claims, and keep track of your expenses all in one place.

My Contracts app icon

My Contracts

Have all your contract information at your fingertips. Easily view your current and past employment contracts.

My Benefits and Allowances app icon

My Benefits & Allowances

Access all your benefits information in one app. Check your employee benefits and allowances on your phone and stay informed.

My Deductions and Subscriptions app icon

My Deductions & Subscriptions

Conveniently view and track your deductions and subscriptions. Keep track of your contributions and payments, and stay informed about any changes.

My Payslips app icon

My Payslips

Don't wait for the paper copy of your payslip! Access your payslips anytime, anywhere. View and download your past and current payslips, and stay informed about your pay details.

My Attendance app icon

My Attendance

Mark your attendance and view your attendance history. Quickly check in and check out, and keep track of your attendance record.

eLearning app icon


Learning shouldn't stop wherever you are! Learn flexibly with our app. Check your assigned courses and complete them. Track your progress and view completed courses.

My Performance Reviews app icon

My Performance Reviews

View your performance scorecards, review ratings and evaluations given by your managers, and check their feedback all in one place.

Who Works Where app icon

Who Works Where

View your organisation structure, check your position, and understand your role within the company. You can also access the contact information of your colleagues across the organisation.

Internal Job Opportunities app icon

Internal Job Opportunities

Never miss an opportunity to advance your career! Discover and apply for internal job openings directly from your mobile device.

My Referrals app icon

My Referrals

Refer your friends and connections for job opportunities within your company in just a few clicks, and track the progress of your referrals.

Company Policies app icon

Company Policies

Stay Informed of company policies with our app. Read company policies and stay up-to-date on company guidelines, compliance, and regulations.

HR Helpdesk app icon

HR Helpdesk

Submit queries and get HR support, easily check open tickets, and track the status of your request in real-time.

My Assets app icon

My Assets

Ensure you have the resources you need to do your job. Conveniently view your assigned assets and request a new one directly from your mobile.

Suggestions app icon


Let your voice be heard. Share your ideas and suggestions with your company's management, and receive feedback from them.

Company News app icon

Company News

Stay informed about the latest company news, updates, announcements, events, and more, all on your phone. Never miss an important update about your company!

Discover the key benefits

Convenient and easy to use

Our mobile apps are user-friendly, making it easy for employees to navigate and find what they need.

Saves time

With our mobile apps, employees can manage their HR workflows quickly and efficiently in less time.

Increased productivity

By simplifying HR workflows, our mobile apps can help employees be more productive and make better use of their time.

Simplify your HR workflows for your employees ​​