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Smart payroll and taxation for your business

Looking for a reliable, convenient way to manage your company's payroll? Look no further than our payroll app! Our solution simplifies the payroll process so you can get back to running your business. With features like pay-slip analysis, tax detail fetching, and payroll submission to revenue, our app has everything you need to manage and run full payroll activities securely in-house.

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What you can expect from our payroll solution

Our payroll solution isn't just easy to use - it's also packed with features that will make your payroll team's life easier.


Unlimited payruns

With the Payrun feature, you can quickly and easily run payroll for a specific group of employees during a particular period. Whether you need to process weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payrolls, our app simplifies the process for you and saves you from the hassle of manual payroll calculations.

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Send payslips & PSR

Send payslips to employees

Cancel them if necessary

Send PSR to revenue

Effortlessly send payslips to individual employees or groups with just a few clicks, and cancel or adjust them as needed within our app. This feature also allows you to send a Payroll Submission Request (PSR) to revenue, making it a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of your payroll.

Get payslip analysis

Get a comprehensive overview of key details related to employee pay. Our payslip analysis feature provides you with a breakdown of all the components that make up an employee's pay, including acting allowance, attendance allowance, bonuses, and more - all in one convenient location.

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Screenshot of Salary Structure feature

View salary structure

Easily view and manage salary structure. Access all the necessary details such as company information, references, and salary rules. This feature helps you keep track of important details related to employee compensation.

Pay groups

Easily view information about the different pay groups in your company, including their pay frequencylast payday, and current payday. By selecting a specific pay group, you can also see detailed information such as the number of employees in the group, the current payroll calendar, the number of annual working days, and more.

Pay groups feature of Numla HR payroll app
Configure benfits in kind in payroll app

Configure Benefits in Kind

Get a clear and detailed view of the non-cash benefits provided to your employees. Our app shows you the BIK type, salary rule, and the number of employees receiving each benefit. You can easily access the list of employees in each BIK, along with their job titles, departments, and pay groups, with just a click. Plus, you can add more employees to each BIK directly from the app.

Discover the key benefits

Manage payroll in-house

By managing your payroll in-house with our app, you can avoid the cost of outsourcing and potentially save money on payroll processing fees.

Stay compliant with local tax laws

Our payroll app is fully integrated with local tax authorities. This ensures that you stay compliant with local tax regulations without having to navigate complex tax laws on your own.

Accuracy and compliance

Our app is designed to be fully compliant with regulations, ensuring that your payroll is accurate and reliable. This helps to minimise the risk of errors and avoid costly penalties.

On-time payments

By using our app, you can ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time. This can also help to improve job satisfaction.

Increase efficiency

Our app streamlines the payroll process, making it more efficient. This saves you time and allows you to focus on other important aspects of running your business.

Customisable and scalable

Our app is customisable to suit your specific payroll needs and can grow with your business. You can tailor the app to your requirements and expand its use as your business grows.

Manage your payroll with just a few clicks