Hours Tracking Software with Live Location and Biometric Features

Simplify employee attendance management and enhance employee engagement with the Numla Attendance App.

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Numla Attendance App

Streamlined, Secure, and Insightful Attendance Management

Numla Attendance – The Attendance Management App for modern workforces, simplifies the entire process, ensuring convenience and efficiency for all users.


Easy Time Tracking

One-Click Check-In and Check-Out

No more queues or waiting around — Numla Attendance App, an hours tracking software allows employees to easily mark their attendance using their smartphones. Eliminate paperwork and save valuable time for everyone involved.

Check in-Check out
Break management

Flexible Break Management

Take Breaks According to Your Schedule

Record and track multiple break times with ease, ensuring accurate attendance calculations. Enjoy the flexibility to accommodate various break durations easily.

Enhanced Security and Accuracy  

Biometric Authentication Methods

Ensure foolproof identification using advanced facial recognition and fingerprint scanning methods, eliminating the risk of attendance fraud.

Biometric attendance
Location based attendance

Secure Location Tracking 

Ensure Integrity in Attendance Records

Numla Attendance's GPS tracking tracks employee locations, adding an extra layer of security for remote or field-based employees. Prevent unauthorised attendance actions with confidence.

Multi-Workplace Attendance  

Select Workplace for Checking-In

Numla Attendance simplifies attendance for multi-location employees with its "Workplaces" feature. This functionality enables users to select their specific branch or workplace before recording attendance, ensuring precise location-based records.

Multi-workplace attendance
Attendance history

Empower Employees with Insights  

Accessible Attendance History

Empower your employees with easy access to their attendance history. Numla Attendance enables them to review records and take charge of their time management.

Comprehensive Attendance Analysis  

View Monthly & Weekly Analytics

Let your employees understand their work patterns better. Numla Attendance provides a comprehensive analysis in one screen, giving them insights into their hours worked and trends.

Attendance Analysis

Be at the forefront of streamlined attendance tracking!

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