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Track HR-related requests in real time. Improve responsiveness with our easy-to-use helpdesk app.

Efficiently manage HR support tickets with the helpdesk

Numla's  HR helpdesk streamlines queries, requests, and complaints management, providing prompt handling of employee issues. With a user-friendly system supported by HR AI and experts, your team can easily manage concerns from employees, contractors, and departments.

Our app includes a customer portal, billing for paid customer support, ticket timesheets, and a customisable website form to collect support requests.

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Tailored helpdesk teams

Create multiple helpdesk teams, each specialising in different areas such as HR-related concerns, IT-related issues, or any other department-specific needs.

Each helpdesk has its dedicated email address, ensuring a direct line of communication.

Streamlined query handling

Automate the assignment of resources, ensuring that the right team members address each query promptly.

Enhance efficiency and reduce resolution times by configuring stages within the helpdesk to match your specific requirements, allowing for a structured workflow.

User-friendly interface 

Let employees conveniently check the status of their created tickets through the 'My Tickets' app, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the resolution process.

Reporting tools 

Access advanced reporting tools that provide insights into the number of tickets by status, creation date, closure date, and other essential details, empowering you to optimise your helpdesk operations.

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Centralised paperless system

Eliminate cumbersome paperwork and facilitate collaboration across branches and departments.

Enhanced efficiency

Resolve issues quickly and effectively by streamlining query handling, fostering employee satisfaction.

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