Experience effortless probation management

A platform with an intuitive interface and powerful features, designed for large organisations to help them efficiently track and monitor individuals on probation.

A comprehensive probation management software

Introducing the probation management app that allows you to evaluate the new employee's performance, commitment, and general suitability for the role, and to take the necessary action if they are failing to meet the requirements. Also, you can manage all your employee probation policies with the app.

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Explore the key features

Take a look at the capabilities of our powerful probation management app

Customisable probation periods

Automated software that allocates probation periods to your newly appointed employees. A tool that lets you define various probation periods for different employees according to the organisational standards.

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Set up evaluation scales

Assess with the Quality Evaluation Standards

Set up evaluation scales for your employees that assist you in analysing performance more accurately. An efficient system that provides tools for assessing employee potential to highlight the level of proficiency an employee has in a particular attribute.

Involve management

An online document that lets you extend the probation period of your employees according to the requirement. Evaluate your newly recruited employees and get their evaluations approved by upper management within seconds.

Screenshot of the option to get the employee evaluations approved by the upper management option
Generate report on your probation management


Equip your team with the best monitoring and evaluation software that saves a substantial amount of time. Check out a list of employees who are currently on probation, so that you can gauge their upcoming confirmation dates and prepare for it in advance.

Key benefits​

Improve Efficiency

Automate probation management tasks, such as tracking progress and setting review reminders, to improve efficiency.

Communicate Better

A centralised platform for tracking progress and feedback facilitates better communication between HR teams and employees on probation.

Increase Accuracy

Leveraging the power of automation, our platform helps to ensure that employee probationary periods are being managed accurately and consistently.

Enhance Visibility

Our platform provides HR teams with better visibility into employee probation periods to identify and address any potential issues.

Take your probation management to the next level ​​