Optimise your workforce with time and attendance software

Say goodbye to manual time tracking with our convenient timesheets app, designed for large organisations, and fully integrated with payroll.

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Hassle-free time and attendance management

It's more than just marking attendance. Employees can enter the ordinary hours and the overtime hours they worked for in a week. Along with tracking your team's time spent on different projects and tasks and keeping a record of their attendance, you can do more with our time-tracking app.

Use customised templates

Employees can log their time with multiple customised templates depending on the organisation's needs.

Claim allowances

You can configure weekly/monthly claimable allowances, no matter how complex they are.

Integration with payroll

All the configurations are automatically fed to the payroll by the system.


Get to know the features

Our Time and Attendance app has features that help you maximise employee productivity and get insights into their work habits.

Track productive work hours 

Easily input your activities in the app. You can log your work as you go, at the start of the day, or after you've finished your work.

Use the timer to track the exact time spent

View daily, weekly, or monthly timesheets

View timesheets in different display modes

Apply multiple filters to sort timesheets as you want

Screenshot of Timesheets app dashboard
Display modes in timesheets app

Display modes

With our app, you have the flexibility to choose the display mode that works best for you. Whether you prefer to see your data in Kanban view, as a graph, a list, or a pivot table, we have you covered.

Timesheets to validate

Managers can view and approve employee timesheets in the app. Timesheets can be viewed by week or month and in various formats. They can also see the difference between recorded hours and contracted hours. They can apply filters to select specific timesheets and approve them.

Screenshot of timesheets to validate option
Screenshot of configuration option

Configure settings

Modify settings in the configuration tab. You can change the encoding unit to record the timesheets under the Time Encoding tab. The Timesheets Managers can set employee reminders to send periodic reminders to employees to record their timesheets.

Leverage advanced reporting

Generate dynamic reports about the timesheets recorded in the app based on Employee, Project, Task, and Billing Type. Reports can be inserted in spreadsheets or exported as an Excel file.

Screenshot of reporting feature

Timesheets by Employee 

This option shows the total hours worked by each employee in a given week or month.

Timesheets by Project

It shows the number of hours worked on a particular project in a selected week or month.

Timesheets by task

This allows you to generate reports on the number of hours worked on a particular task during a selected week or month.

Timesheets by Billing Type

This feature shows reports on timesheets based on billing type. You can invoice services based on a fixed price or timesheet.

Timesheets Mobile App

Do your employees work in the field or work remotely? Get Timesheets Mobile App, which allows them to make time entries at any time and from anywhere.


Let your team mark their attendance

Record the attendance of your employees and generate reports about their attendance.

Check in & check out

The Kiosk mode can also be used to log attendance. Employees can scan their badge ID or identify manually by entering their PIN to check in using Kiosk mode when Employee PIN is enabled.

Screenshot of Check in / Check out feature
Screenshot of Enable Employee PIN option

Configure employee PIN

You can configure PINs or barcodes to allow the employees to log their attendance. Find the option to enable Employee PIN, in the configuration tab. Then each employee can use their PIN to log their attendance.

Kiosk mode

The Kiosk mode can also be used to log attendance. Employees can scan their badge ID or identify manually by entering their PIN to check in using Kiosk mode when Employee PIN is enabled.

Screenshot of Kiosk mode
Screenshot of attendance report

Generate attendance reports

View the attendance analysis of your employees using the reporting tab. It shows the month-wise attendance of your employees. You can view the attendance report as a graph, Bar chart, Line Chart, Pie chart, or in the Pivot table view.

Discover the key benefits

Smartly manage time spent on projects

Monitor your team's progress

Stay on top of your team's productivity. Easily track work hours. View and validate timesheets for your team's progress.

Make your projects profitable

Boost project profitability with accurate tracking and advanced reporting on employee, project, and task hours.

Bill clients for your work hours

Efficiently invoice clients based on recorded hours and billing type. Streamline your billing process.


Numla's app goes beyond attendance, allowing employees to log ordinary/overtime hours, track projects, and integrate seamlessly with payroll for efficient management.

Fully customizable. Employees can log time using multiple templates tailored to their organization's specific needs.

Absolutely. Configure and claim allowances easily, regardless of complexity, with weekly or monthly options available.

All configurations automatically feed into payroll, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the integration process.

Managers can generate dynamic reports based on Employee, Project, Task, and Billing Type, enhancing visibility and decision-making.

Take the first step towards better time management ​​