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Optimise your warehouse management with Odoo Inventory

Odoo Inventory is a comprehensive warehouse management application that helps you to efficiently manage all aspects of your inventory. Easily track inventory levels, stock movements, and shipments, and make informed decisions based on real-time data using Odoo Inventory. With a user-friendly interface, Odoo Inventory makes inventory management simple, freeing you up to focus on growing your business.

Avoid Stockouts

Efficiently manage your inventory levels and avoid stockouts. Track products in real-time and set up automatic reordering to ensure you always have the required stock on hand.

Manage Order Fulfillment

Manage your orders and shipments with ease. Keep track of customer orders, generate packing slips and delivery orders, and track the status of deliveries all from one place.

Enhance Warehouse Productivity

With real-time insights into inventory levels and movement, make informed decisions to optimise warehouse operations.

Odoo Inventory - Inventory overview

Discover the key features

Discover how the Inventory App can help you maximise warehouse efficiency and streamline inventory management

Inventory operations

Manage various inventory-related tasks using the Operations Tab . Perform actions such as replenishing stock levels, adjusting inventory quantities, transferring products between locations, scrapping damaged or unusable products, and accounting for landed costs. See what you can do:

Product management

Odoo Inventory - Products and product variants

Configure products & product variants

Access all product-related information, including purchase and sales history and more. Easily add new products to your database.

Additionally, you can create and manage product variants and group similar products based on variations in color, size, or material. Adding new product variants is just a few clicks away.

Lots and serial numbers

Track your products using lots and serial numbers. When a product is moved to the warehouse, the system automatically assigns a unique lot or serial number to help you identify it. Using the Lots/Serial Numbers option, you can:

 View all configured lots and serial numbers, along with details.

 Create a new lot or serial number.

 Track the movement of products.

 Configure to display lots and serial numbers on delivery slips and invoices for easy reference.
Odoo Inventory - Lots and serial numbers


Stock report

The Stock report offers a comprehensive overview of your products, including unit cost, total value, on-hand stock, incoming and outgoing units, and more. Also view history, replenishment, stock location, and forecast for each product. Plus, you can easily create new product stock directly from the report.

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Odoo Inventory - Location report

Locations report

The Locations report provides a comprehensive overview of all your configured locations, the products stored in these locations, lot or serial numbers, on-hand quantities, and reserved quantities. Additionally, you can also view history and replenishment options.

Moves history

The Moves History report provides an overview of the movement of your stock. It displays the date of movement, the reference number, the lot or serial number, the source and destination locations, the quantity of the product moved, and the status of the movement.

Odoo Inventory - Moves history
Odoo Inventory - Performance report

Performance report

The Performance report provides you with warehouse analysis in a graphical view. You can easily customise the analysis report by selecting different measures and viewing them in different display modes such as bar chart, line chart, pie chart, and more. You can also view the analysis in a pivot table, giving you the flexibility to analyse your data the way you prefer. 


Efficiently manage warehouses

Easily manage your warehouses, and get up-to-date data on warehouse procedures. View all your warehouses and their details, and access advanced features for warehouse management, including:

 Multiple warehouse management

 Transfers between warehouses

 Custom route operation for product moves

 Set put-away rules and strategies for warehouse locations
Odoo Inventory - warehouses
Odoo Inventory - Locations

Create & manage locations

Manage multiple locations within a warehouse and configure location operations. You can manage three types of locations:

  • Physical Locations
  • Partner Locations
  • Virtual Locations

Define routes

Define how products move within your organisation. Choose from a range of routes, such as dropship, cross-docking, pick-pack-ship, push, and pull routes. Easily configure the product routes during the product creation process or edit them as per your company's operational procedures.

Odoo Inventory - Routes
Odoo Inventory - Operation types

Manage operation types

The system displays all the operation types on the main window of the Inventory app. You can access Operation Types from Configuration tab and easily create new operation types. Some of the already configured operation types include:

  • Receipts
  • Internal Transfers
  • Delivery Orders
  • Returns
  • Manufacturing

There's more you can configure!

Find out what else you can configure

Product Categories

Categorise your products for easier organisation and filtering. Define product categories to perform various product operations and quickly locate products.

Product Attributes

Define product attributes such as type, color, dimensions, etc. Create your custom attributes or use predefined ones provided by Odoo.

Product packaging

Pack your products in different types of packaging and track them. Define your packaging specifications and use them for purchase orders, sales orders, and internal product transfers.

Reordering Rules

Set up reordering rules to ensure that your stock is never too low or too high. Automatically create purchase orders or transfer orders when stock levels reach a certain threshold.

Units of Measure

Manage the quantity of products in different measurement units, such as weight, volume, and length. Easily convert from one unit of measure to another.

Shipping Methods

Create and manage shipping methods. Configure flexible shipping methods to meet your specific business needs.

Package Types

Use different package types suitable for your products, or create custom package types as per your requirements.

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