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Optimise your purchasing workflow with Odoo's Purchase App  

The purchase app by Odoo is a powerful tool designed to make your purchasing process easier. You can easily handle your suppliers, purchase orders, contracts, and deliveries with the app, regardless of how big or small your company is. With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and seamless integration with other Odoo apps, the purchase app allows you to automate your procurement cycle and boost your purchasing performance.

Automate Purchasing Workflow

Automate your entire procurement cycle, from creating purchase orders to receiving goods and paying suppliers.

Manage Purchase Orders and Deliveries

Easily manage your purchase orders and track deliveries. Get real-time visibility into your purchasing performance.

Collaborate with Your Suppliers

Efficiently communicate with your suppliers. Easily manage your supplier contracts, negotiate prices, and track invoices and payments.

Odoo Purchase app dashboard

Discover the key features

Find out how the purchase app can help you automate, optimise, and streamline your procurement process

Create & send RFQs

Get a quick overview of the status of your RFQs on the dashboard. Easily create RFQs by entering the necessary details such as vendor information, product details, and order deadline. Send the quotation request to the vendor via email. Compare offers from the vendors and select the best one. You can save the RFQ for future reference or print it out for your records.

Odoo Purchase app Create Request for Quotation
Manage purchase orders - Odoo Purchase module

Manage purchase orders

Manage your purchase orders in one place. View the confirmation date, vendor details, receipt date, purchase representative details, cost of the purchase order, and billing status of the order. The app also displays the next activity that needs to be conducted on the purchase order.

Easily manage purchase agreements

Validate agreements and add important details such as the agreement deadline and source document data. View the RFQs created using a specific purchase agreement. Create a new purchase agreement or use the created purchase agreement to generate new quotations.

Set up a blanket order

Set up a call for tenders

Configure new agreement types

Purchase agreements - Odoo Purchase app
Manage vendors - Odoo Purchase module

Easily manage vendors

Keep track of all your vendors in one place. Maintain a database of vendor profiles, including contact information, purchase and sales order history, and more. Schedule meetings with vendors directly from their profiles. Create a new vendor profile easily.

Manage products

Keep track of all the products your company possesses, and categorise them based on whether they can be sold, purchased, rented, subcontracted, or expensed. Access all product-related information, including purchase and sales history, with easy-to-use filters. Add new products to your database with just a few clicks.

Manage products - Odoo Purchase app
Manage product variants - Odoo Purchase app

Manage product variants

Create and manage product variants. Group similar products based on variations in color, size, or material. Create new product variants with just a few clicks. Plus, easily set the rate of the product for accurate cost tracking.

Configuration options

Configure Vendor Price List:
Record and compare prices set by different vendors for products, with options to adjust unit of measurement as needed.

Configure Units of Measurement: Create custom units of measurement for different product categories, such as time, length, weight, volume, or surface.

Configuration options - Odoo Purchase app
Purchase report - Odoo Purchase app

Purchase reports & analytics

Generate reports and analyse purchase data to evaluate the performance of purchase operations in the company. Create reports using different measures and apply filters to obtain a precise analysis. View reports in both pivot and graphical views, and utilise the group-by and filter options to create advanced reports.

Discover the key benefits

Improve vendor management

Manage your vendors and their information easily. Improve communication with vendors to build stronger relationships.

Reduce errors and increase accuracy

You can minimise errors by managing purchase orders, agreements, vendors, products and their variants, and pricelists in one place.

Make data-driven decisions

Generate analytical reports to make informed decisions about your purchasing processes.

Ready to boost your purchasing efficiency?