Understanding Inventory Operation Types in Odoo
A Comprehensive Guide to Configuring Operation Types in Odoo’s Inventory Application

Configuring Operation Types in Odoo Inventory Application

  by Khurram Iftikhar

The aim of this blog post is to provide guidance on the various inventory operations available in Odoo and how to configure them. To get started, navigate to the Inventory application.

Odoo inventory app icon

Click CONFIGURATION > WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT > OPERATIONS TYPES, and then click NEW. This opens the Operations Types form where you will be able to create your new operation type for a warehouse.

Screenshot of inventory overview in Odoo inventory app
Screenshot of operation types in Odoo inventory app
Screenshot of creating new operation type in Odoo inventory

Understanding the Essential Fields in Operations Type Form

Operation Type: In this field, enter the operation type name. This is the name of the operation and it tells what kind of process this will be used. For this example, "Receipts" would be used for incoming transfers. "Delivery" would be used for outgoing transfers.

Sequence Prefix/Code: A short label that will be used across Odoo to represent this operation. Also, this is where we tell Odoo the sequence we want to reference for this operation.

Warehouse: The warehouse this operation is to be used for.

Barcode: If the Barcode app is installed, you can enter a barcode that represents this Operation Type.

Type of Operation: Specify if the operation is for Vendors, Customers, Internal, or Manufacturing Operations.
  • Receipt: This indicates an incoming transfer, or inventory receipt, and is created when a Purchase Order is confirmed.
  • Delivery: This indicates an outgoing transfer, or order delivery, and is created when a Sale Order is confirmed.
  • Internal Transfers: This allows users to move inventory throughout multiple locations within the warehouse, or multiple warehouses, within the company database.
  • Manufacturing: This action operation typically takes place when products need to be created for use in the warehouse or to be sold to customers.

Show Detailed Operations: By selecting this option, when processing transfers, you will be presented with a modal pop-up displaying more information about the location, serial number, packaging, products, and more.

Pre-Fill Detailed Operations: When this box is checked, Odoo will automatically pre-fill the details operations tab with the corresponding products, locations, and lot serial numbers.


  • Default Source Location: This is the location the product will be coming from by default for this operation.
  • Default Destination Location: This is the location the product will be taken to by default for this operation.

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