How to migrate from Odoo Community to Odoo Enterprise?
Switching from Odoo Community to Odoo Enterprise

Odoo Migration: From Odoo Community to Odoo Enterprise

by Dharmesh Patel

Migrating a system from Odoo Community to Odoo Enterprise is not a straightforward process. Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise are two distinct versions of the Odoo ERP software, and there are differences in their features and functionalities. 

Odoo Enterprise includes additional features and modules that are not available in the Community version. Migrating from Community to Enterprise typically involves the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain the Odoo Enterprise Version

First, you need to acquire the Odoo Enterprise version, which requires a subscription that you can purchase from Odoo S.A. or Odoo partners like Numla Ltd.

Step 2: Backup Your Odoo Community Database

Before making any changes, it's essential to back up your existing Odoo Community database to ensure you have a copy in case of any issues during the migration.

Step 3: Install Odoo Enterprise Modules/Apps

  1. Add "Enterprise Addons" path to Odoo configuration (i.e. /opt/odoo/enterprise-addons directory to addons_path of odoo.conf). Restart the Odoo service.
  2. Install the “web_enterprise” module.

Now your database is converted to an enterprise database.

Step 4: Evaluate and Install Required Enterprise Modules

Identify the additional modules provided by Odoo Enterprise that you want to use and install them. i.e Accounting(account_accountant), Accounting Reports(account_reports), etc.

Step 5: Analyse and Adapt Customisations

Review any customisations or modules you have implemented in the Odoo Community version. Some of these may need to be adapted or replaced to work with the Enterprise version.

Step 6: Test and Verify

Thoroughly test the migrated database and verify that all functionalities are working correctly in the Odoo Enterprise version.

 Note:  It's important to note that the migration process might require technical expertise, and ensure that you comply with Odoo's licensing and usage terms when migrating to the Enterprise version.

For migrations like this, it is advisable to seek assistance from an experienced Odoo consultant or developer to ensure a smooth and successful transition. You may contact us, as we have experience and expertise in Odoo migration.

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